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please just let's make it this way

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I am everything and nothing.

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3am conversations, 80s movies, aimlessly tap-dancing, all manner of things, amazing vintage finds, baking and cooking, bedford falls company, beginning projects at midnight, boom de yada, bowling, boys-with-glasses-and-messenger-bags, brightly colored socks, buffalo exchange, building things, bullet lists, buying art supplies, buying-people-presents-for-no-specific-occasion, cats (all kinds), cheese (all kinds), codes and languages, dessert, diners, eating delicious food, ellipses (shapes and grammar), giving people paintings, grammar, great ideas!, hiking in interesting locales, holding hands, hyphens, interesting word usements, jumping on beds, la story, long conversations in diners, looking-words-up-in-the dictionary, losing-track-of-time-while-researching, making mix cds, making-friends-with-cats-in-strange-places, making-fun-of-bad-movies, muppets, my so-called life, over-caffienating, overfilling itunes, painting, pdx, people-watching, pie!, potatoes, purple colored clothing, recycling-old-things-into-new ones, riding public transit, road trips, schematic drawings, snuggling, solving logic problems, spelunking, square brackets, stairwells, symmetry/asymmetry, the muppet movie, top 5 lists, vacations, vhs tapes, walking-on-freeway-overpasses-at-twilight, wandering-around-without-specific-destinations, wearing glasses